Small Hand Shaped Bowls


Perfect small bowls for sauces, herbs, salt & pepper, uses are endless.


These gorgeous dipping bowls are made with the pinching technique. This tactile method is very ancient and allows connection with the material and forming shapes by using the fingers. The result, is a piece that leaves an organic finish on the item, with marks of the creator’s fingers when putting pressure on the clay.

After several weeks of drying, I hand paint the inside of the bowl and start one of my favourite parts of the process, the design and carving with a method called Sgraffito. This work is inspired by bold and simple pattern designs that evoke to the midcentury era.

Then it is bisque fired and hand glazed with a food safe glaze followed by a second firing that sets the glossy finish.

Measurements small bowl: 6 cm (diameter) x 2 cm (H)

The bowls measurements can be slightly different as these are hand shaped.

Materials: All work is made with cone 10 stoneware clay for durability. They are handpainted, handcarved utilising food safe glazes and underglazes.
All my handmade ceramics are distintively unique and handmade with passion in North East Victoria in the beautiful Ovens Valley.

*Food safe
*Handwash preferable

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