Oval Small Plates


A perfect small plate for those morning and afternoon snacks.

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This oval plate was handcrafted using a slab technique in a high firing stoneware clay. The platter’s edges were shaped by hand to create an intentionally rustic and organic shape. It is a minimalistic shaped piece where I focus mostly on the carving design process.
These oval plates are inspired in Mid Century simple patterns. I see patterns in fabric, wall papers, illustrations inspired in the 60’s and 70’s. Or simply I observe my surroundings and draw them on my ceramics surfaces.

I can see these pieces filled with delicious snacks and/or decorate your beautiful table.

Measurements: 18.5 cm (L) 9 cm x(W) x 1.5 cm (H)

*Food safe.
*Hand wash is preferable.

All work is made with cone 6 stoneware. They are hand carved, hand painted utilising food safe glazes and underglazes.  All my ceramics are handmade and distinctively unique.

Sustainability: Alma Terra products are ethically made by me in my backyard studio, I care about the environment and the footprint on earth, I only use Australian raw materials and products instead of flying them form different parts of the world, I support Australian businesses only.  I recycle and reuse water from the studio to water the veggie garden right outside my creative space. Every left over of clay is recycled until  I collect a sufficient amount to make more ceramic pieces.  The kiln is run on solar power to fire my work to minimise the demand from electricity.

I use new and repurposed cardboard boxes and recyclable and biodegradable packing materials only.

Alma Terra Ceramics are produced with passion and devotion in the North East Victoria in the beautiful Ovens Valley.

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Pink Flowers, Green leaves, Cape Lilac seeds (yellow seeds), Black circles


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