Born and raised in a southern city of Chile, I have been living in Australia since 2006. I have an innate passion for design, I love patterns and colour and have been making all different things since childhood.

My childhood was surrounded among creative people, my mother a dress maker and my father a leather craftsman. Since an early age I learned to use a sewing machine, drawing and crafting in general. I completed a University degree in Business in Chile which has always been the foundation for everything I intend.

I have a passion for creating and aesthetics, combining colours, patterns and textures. So when I came across a pottery evening class 6 years ago, I was completely mesmerised by it all. It was an unusual feeling that I was meant to be amongst the clay. After practicing and learning different techniques with different mentors, I decided to start making pieces at home. At the beginning it was a hobby which gradually grew into a passion. I have the need of being in contact with clay almost every day, it is a medium where I can express myself and a connection to the earth.  A part of my making process I am incorporating environmentally friendly practices as much as I can. I am in constant thought of how my products can be better produced to minimize my impact on earth. Some steps taken in that direction are: my kiln is run on solar power, recycled water from the studio is used to water the garden and recyclable and reused packing materials are preferred.

All my pieces are hand made in the beautiful Ovens Valley, North East Victoria. I live with my partner, two beautiful boys and Lola the dog on a small acreage property surrounded by nature, we all enjoy the lifestyle this area offers to us as a family.

I mostly make handmade organic shaped forms. I enjoy making utilitarian pieces for your home. I hope my pottery work brings you as much joy as creating them brings to me.

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