The Boulders Collection Vases


Inspired by nature with a mid century style.


These are my latest collection I have been working on,  simple, minimalist and elegant shape, inspired in the granite formations I see during my bush walks in the Alpine NP. with mid century influences.

The vases are decorated with botanical abstract paintings inspired in Matisse’s cut outs. They represent the flora form the park, the yellow represents the sun and the black line represents the winds from the Australian Alps.

The vases are individually  decorated, they are all different on both sides, like kind of telling a story. They come in two colour clay bodies and they can be displayed individually or as a trio, mixing clay colours as well so you can have a high impact display of sculptural vases. They are glazed white in the inside, but left unglazed on the outside to highlight the beauty of the clay. Only the botanical designs have been glazed with clear glaze to create interesting textures.

These pieces are unique in every way, they will make a statement in your living space and never two are the same. They are fired to mid fire temperature of 1220 degrees.

Small: 7 cm (H) x 12.5 cm (W) at base

Medium: 11 Cm (H) x 10 Cm (W) at base

Big: 13 CM (H) x 11.5 cm (W) at base

NOTE: As these pieces are all different, they will be randomly chosen and posted. They are very special and individually unique. I assure you will be wrapped with the once you receive.

As my pieces are 100 % handmade. They may show beautiful imperfections that only a handmade product can achieve. I enjoy the slab building process and create pieces following the Japanese philosophy Wabi -sabi. The characteristic of the Wabi-sabi include asymmetry, simplicity and sometimes roughness depending on the claybody I use. There is a natural appreciation of natural objects and processes.

*Handwash preferable

Materials: The vases were  made with cone 6 stoneware. They are hand carved, hand  painted utilising food safe glazes underglazes and engobes.

Sustainability: Alma Terra products are ethically made by me in my backyard studio, I care about the environment and the footprint on earth, I only use Australian raw materials and products instead of flying them form different parts of the world, I support Australian businesses only.  I recycle and reuse water from the studio to water the veggie garden right outside my creative space. Every left over of clay is recycled until I collect a sufficient amount to make more ceramic pieces.  The kiln is run on solar power to fire my work so I minimise the demand from electricity.

I use new and repurposed cardboard boxes and recyclable and biodegradable packing materials only.

Alma Terra ceramics are produced with passion in North East Victoria in the beautiful Ovens Valley.


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Dark clay Small, Dark Clay Medium, Dark Clay Big, Warm Clay Small, Warm Clay Medium, Warm Clay Big


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