Rectangular Platter and Round Dish

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This rectangular shape platter was handcrafted using a slab/slump technique in a high firing stoneware clay.
The whole piece is hand painted followed by hand drawing a tulip retro design, then I carved away everything that I want to expose. The finish piece is glazed with a glossy clear glaze to protect it from any stains.
The inspiration behind these pieces are big, bold and simple patterns put together. I draw patterns inspired in fabrics, wall papers, illustrations eighter modern or mid century artistry.

My pieces are mostly minimalistic forms, many of them are intentionally imperfect, what I love is focusing on surface design and this piece is a great expresion of it.

I can see this pieces filled with delicious snacks and/or decorate your beautiful table.

Measurements Rectangular Platter: 31 cm (Lenght) x 16 cm (Wide) x 1.5 cm (Height).

Measurements Dish: 12 cm (diameter) x 2 cm (Height)

***You can purchase these pieces individually ***


These piecesĀ  are made with cone 6 stoneware. They are handcarved, handpainted utilising food safe glazes and underglazes.
All my ceramics are handmade and distinctively unique. Alma Terra ceramics are produced with passion and devotion in North East Victoria.
*Food safe.
*Handwash is preferable.

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Rectangular, Round


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