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A minimalist cylindrical design vase with handles

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A minimalist cylindrical design vase with handles. This flower vase was made using a slab building technique. I used highly speckled clay body fired at high temperature and handpainted with a white  glaze with a mate finish. This piece evoques a more rustic and simple design where the clay body is the highlight.

As my pieces are 100 % handmade. They may show beautiful imperfections that only a handmade product can achieve. I enjoy the slab building process and create pieces following the Japanese philosophy Wabi -sabi. The characteristic of the Wabi-sabi include asymmetry, simplicity and sometimes roughness depending on the claybody I use. There is a natural appreciation of natural objects and processes.

Measurements: 10cm (W) x 16.5cm (H)

Materials: All work is made with cone 10 stoneware. They are hand carved, handpainted utilising food safe glazes and underglazes.
Alma Terra ceramics are produced with passion in North East Victoria in the beautiful Ovens Valley.

*Handwash preferable
*Microwave and oven safe


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