Bud Vase


A unique bud vase to decorate small spaces.

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A unique hand shaped vase with a fully hand carved design. A statement piece for sure. This small vase has been made with a natural colour clay body then handpainted. The designs of flowers has been hand drawn and carved all around. It has different flowers from different angles, it is a happy little garden.

Each piece I make is unique and hard to reproduce exactly the same, this little vase will be always be individual. This is why I love each one of the pieces I create.

Due to the nature of handmade, this vase has marks of my fingers creating pressure in different areas.  It is beauty of hand made.

The piece measures  31 cm (Circumference) at its widest part. the top opening is 5 cm (Diameter) x 9 cm (H)

This piece was made with cone 6 stoneware clay. They are handcarved, handpainted utilising food safe glazes and underglazes.
All my ceramics are handmade and distinctively unique. Alma Terra ceramics are produced with passion and devotion in North East Victoria.

*Handwash is preferable.



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